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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in Sweden.

#1 Hasslosa Air Base airport at Hasslosa (Sweden) ESFHaéroport fermé

aéroport Hasslosa Air Base

Altitude : 81 m = 266ft

Hasslosa Air Base airport is located close to Hasslosa, Hasslösa at 0.8 km, Vinninga at 4.5 km, Ardala at 7.8 km, Mariedal at 7.9 km, Skara at 11 km, Skara Kommun at 11 km,

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#2 Kosta Air Base airport at Kosta (Sweden) ESFQaéroport fermé

aéroport Kosta Air Base

Altitude : 225 m = 738ft

Kosta Air Base airport is located close to Kosta, Lessebo at 15 km, Lenhovda at 20 km, Hovmantorp at 21 km, Attsjö at 23 km, Emmaboda at 24 km, Nybro at 30 km,

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#3 Fällfors Air Base airport at Fällfors (Sweden) ESUFaéroport fermé

aéroport Fällfors Air Base

Altitude : 176 m = 577ft

Fällfors Air Base airport is located close to Fällfors, Storvik at 4.9 km, Backa at 20 km, Byske at 27 km, Kage at 32 km, Boliden at 32 km, Roknas at 34 km,

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#4 Slageryd airport at Vetlanda (Sweden) SE-0077aéroport fermé

aéroport Slageryd

Altitude : 253 m = 830ft

Slageryd airport is located close to Vetlanda, Landsbro at 6.8 km, Vetlanda at 15 km, Saevsjoe at 20 km, Ekenassjon at 21 km, Stockaryd at 22 km, Bodafors at 26 km,

-> Aviation weather for Slageryd airport

#5 Hede Air Base airport at (Sweden) ESPJaéroport fermé

aéroport Hede Air Base

Altitude : 42 m = 138ft

Hede Air Base airport is located close to Bodens Kommun at 9 km, Boden at 10 km, Overluleå at 11 km, Saevast at 14 km, Bredträskheden at 21 km, Älvsbyns Kommun at 26 km,

-> Aviation weather for Hede Air Base airport

#6 Satter Airstrip airport at Satter (Sweden) SE-0041aéroport fermé

aéroport Satter Airstrip

Altitude : 156 m = 512ft

Satter Airstrip airport is located close to Satter, Koskullskulle at 61 km, Gaellivare at 61 km, Pajala Kommun at 63 km, Malmberget at 64 km, Pajala at 73 km, OEverkalix at 74 km,

-> Aviation weather for Satter Airstrip airport

#7 Vindeln Flygfält airport at (Sweden) SE-0033aéroport fermé

aéroport Vindeln Flygfält

Altitude : 179 m = 587ft

Vindeln Flygfält airport is located close to Vindeln at 8.8 km, Vannasby at 39 km, Vaennaes at 41 km, Bjurholm at 42 km, Hälsingfors at 54 km, Ersmark at 55 km,

-> Aviation weather for Vindeln Flygfält airport

#8 Grönhögen airport at (Sweden) ESTGaéroport fermé

aéroport Grönhögen

Altitude : 3 m = 10ft

Grönhögen airport is located close to Moerbylanga at 28 km, Torsas at 30 km, Sodra Sandby at 35 km, Faerjestaden at 42 km, Rinkabyholm at 43 km, Ljungbyholm at 43 km,

-> Aviation weather for Grönhögen airport

#9 Moholm Air Base airport at Moholm (Sweden) ESFMaéroport fermé

aéroport Moholm Air Base

Altitude : 90 m = 295ft

Moholm Air Base airport is located close to Moholm, Toereboda at 12 km, Bränningen at 16 km, Tibro at 19 km, Mariestads Kommun at 20 km, Molltorp at 20 km, Stopen at 20 km,

-> Aviation weather for Moholm Air Base airport

#10 Strängnäs Air Base airport at Strängnäs (Sweden) SE-0075aéroport fermé

aéroport Strängnäs Air Base

Altitude : 35 m = 115ft

Strängnäs Air Base airport is located close to Strängnäs, Strängnäs Kommun at 5.9 km, Akers Styckebruk at 7.2 km, Stallarholmen at 7.8 km, Mariefred at 8 km, Strangnas at 8.3 km, Sundby at 8.8 km,

-> Aviation weather for Strängnäs Air Base airport

#11 Byholma Air Base airport at Byholma (Sweden) ESFYaéroport fermé

#12 Tingsryd airport at Tingsryd (Sweden) ESMWaéroport fermé

#13 Emmaboda airport at Emmaboda (Sweden) ESMAaéroport fermé

#14 Boden Army Air Base airport at Boden (Sweden) ESPGaéroport fermé

#15 Lund airport at Lund (Sweden) ESMNaéroport fermé

#16 Åmsele Air Base airport at Åmsele (Sweden) ESUAaéroport fermé

#17 Sjöbo Air Base airport at Sjöbo (Sweden) ESFJaéroport fermé

#18 Bråvalla Air Base airport at Norrköping (Sweden) ESCKaéroport fermé

#19 Hudiksvall airport at Hudiksvall (Sweden) ESNHaéroport fermé

#20 Urasa Air Base airport at Växjö (Sweden) ESFUaéroport fermé

#21 Trelleborg airport at Trelleborg (Sweden) ESMRaéroport fermé

#22 Barkarby airport at (Sweden) ESKBaéroport fermé

#23 Karlstad South airport at Karlstad (Sweden) ESSQaéroport fermé

#24 Sättna airport at (Sweden) ESNTaéroport fermé

#25 Storberg airport at Storberg (Sweden) SE-0037aéroport fermé

#26 Hässleholm Vankivar airport at Hässleholm (Sweden) ESMDaéroport fermé

#27 Stockholm Tullinge airport at Stockholm (Sweden) ESCNaéroport fermé

#28 Tomelilla airport at Tomelilla (Sweden) ESTOaéroport fermé

#29 Malå flygfält airport at Malå (Sweden) SE-0034aéroport fermé

#30 Junosuando airport at (Sweden) SE-0043aéroport fermé

#31 Nyge airport at Nyköping (Sweden) ESCYaéroport fermé

#32 Kubbe Air Base airport at Kubbe (Sweden) ESNIaéroport fermé

#33 Malmö Bulltofta airport at (Sweden) ESMMaéroport fermé

#34 Färila Air Base airport at Färila (Sweden) ESNFaéroport fermé

#35 Torslanda airport at (Sweden) ESGBaéroport fermé

#36 Tierp Air Base airport at Tierp (Sweden) ESKTaéroport fermé

#37 Knislinge Air Base airport at Knislinge (Sweden) ESFIaéroport fermé

#38 Suddesjaur airport at Suddesjaur (Sweden) SE-0036aéroport fermé

#39 Stalons flygfält airport at Stalon (Sweden) SE-0038aéroport fermé

#40 Björkvik Air Base airport at Björkvik (Sweden) ESKXaéroport fermé

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