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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in Sweden.

#1 Luleå airport in Luleå (Sweden) ESPA LLA

aéroport Luleå

Altitude : 20 m = 66ft

Luleå airport is located close to Luleå, Yttre-Bergnäset in 2.6 km, Bergnaset in 3.8 km, Lulea in 4.7 km, Gammelstad in 12 km, Sodra Sunderbyn in 15 km, Luleå Kommun in 16 km,

The longest runway measure : 3350 m = 10991ft

-> Aviation weather for Luleå airport

#2 Stockholm-Arlanda airport in Stockholm (Sweden) ESSA ARN

aéroport Stockholm-Arlanda

Altitude : 42 m = 138ft

Stockholm-Arlanda airport is located close to Stockholm, Sigtuna Municipality in 0.2 km, Kättsta in 1.1 km, Marsta in 4.9 km, Rosersberg in 7.9 km, Knivsta in 11 km, Sigtuna in 12 km,

The longest runway measure : 3301 m = 10830ft

-> Aviation weather for Stockholm-Arlanda airport

#3 Gothenburg-Landvetter airport in Gothenburg (Sweden) ESGG GOT

aéroport Gothenburg-Landvetter

Altitude : 154 m = 505ft

Gothenburg-Landvetter airport is located close to Gothenburg, Assmundtorp in 2.3 km, Landvetter in 4.8 km, Härryda Kommun in 7.5 km, Hönekulla in 8.8 km, Molnlycke in 9.6 km, Ojersjo in 11 km,

The longest runway measure : 3299 m = 10823ft

-> Aviation weather for Gothenburg-Landvetter airport

#4 Stockholm Skavsta airport in Stockholm Nyköping (Sweden) ESKN NYO

aéroport Stockholm Skavsta

Altitude : 43 m = 141ft

Stockholm Skavsta airport is located close to Stockholm, Nyköping, Blacksta in 4.3 km, Svalsta in 6.7 km, Nykoping in 6.8 km, Stigtomta in 7.5 km, Bara in 15 km, Olstorp in 16 km,

The longest runway measure : 2878 m = 9442ft

-> Aviation weather for Stockholm Skavsta airport

#5 Malmö Sturup airport in Malmö (Sweden) ESMS MMX

aéroport Malmö Sturup

Altitude : 72 m = 236ft

Malmö Sturup airport is located close to Malmö, Beddinge Läge in 3.6 km, Genarp in 7.1 km, Svedala Kommun in 9.3 km, Svedala in 9.4 km, Skurup in 10 km, Klagerup in 10 km,

The longest runway measure : 2800 m = 9186ft

-> Aviation weather for Malmö Sturup airport

#6 Örebro airport in Örebro (Sweden) ESOE ORB

aéroport Örebro

Altitude : 57 m = 187ft

Örebro airport is located close to Örebro, Råberga in 0.8 km, Vintrosa in 5.8 km, Garphyttan in 10 km, Fjugesta in 11 km, Orebro in 11 km, Kumla Kommun in 11 km,

The longest runway measure : 2601 m = 8533ft

-> Aviation weather for Örebro airport

#7 Stockholm Västerås airport in Stockholm (Sweden) ESOW VST

aéroport Stockholm Västerås

Altitude : 6 m = 20ft

Stockholm Västerås airport is located close to Stockholm, Klinta in 1.5 km, Västerås Kommun in 4.2 km, Vasteras in 5.4 km, Hokasen in 9 km, Tillberga in 10 km, Vävle in 16 km,

The longest runway measure : 2581 m = 8468ft

-> Aviation weather for Stockholm Västerås airport

#8 Söderhamn airport in Söderhamn (Sweden) ESNY SOO

aéroport Söderhamn

Altitude : 27 m = 89ft

Söderhamn airport is located close to Söderhamn, Östanbo in 1.9 km, Sandarne in 3.7 km, Soderhamn in 5.2 km, Ljusne in 5.3 km, Söderhamns Kommun in 7.5 km, Marielund in 8.4 km,

The longest runway measure : 2524 m = 8281ft

-> Aviation weather for Söderhamn airport

#9 Karlstad airport in Karlstad (Sweden) ESOK KSD

aéroport Karlstad

Altitude : 107 m = 351ft

Karlstad airport is located close to Karlstad, Kärne in 1.8 km, Kil in 7.1 km, Edsvalla in 8.8 km, Valberg in 11 km, Karlstad in 12 km, Forshaga in 12 km,

The longest runway measure : 2516 m = 8255ft

-> Aviation weather for Karlstad airport

#10 Kiruna airport in Kiruna (Sweden) ESNQ KRN

aéroport Kiruna

Altitude : 460 m = 1509ft

Kiruna airport is located close to Kiruna, Tuolluvaara in 3.1 km, Kiruna in 6 km, Esrange in 33 km, Kiruna Kommun in 52 km, Gällivare Kommun in 58 km, Koskullskulle in 73 km,

The longest runway measure : 2502 m = 8209ft

-> Aviation weather for Kiruna airport

#11 Arvidsjaur airport in Arvidsjaur (Sweden) ESNX AJR

#12 Åre Östersund airport (Östersund–Frösön) in Östersund (Sweden) ESNZ OSD

#13 Ronneby airport in (Sweden) ESDF RNB

#14 Borlange airport in (Sweden) ESSD BLE

#15 Umeå airport in Umeå (Sweden) ESNU UME

#16 Storuman airport in (Sweden) ESUD SQO

#17 Karlsborg Air Base airport in Karlsborg (Sweden) ESIA

#18 Ljungbyhed airport in Ljungbyhed (Sweden) ESTL

#19 Såtenäs Air Base airport in Såtenäs (Sweden) ESIB

#20 Halmstad airport in Halmstad (Sweden) ESMT HAD

#21 Vidsel Air Base airport in Vidsel (Sweden) ESPE

#22 Kristianstad airport in Kristianstad (Sweden) ESMK KID

#23 Malmen Air Base airport in Linköping (Sweden) ESCF

#24 Jönköping airport in Jönköping (Sweden) ESGJ JKG

#25 Norrköping airport in Norrköping (Sweden) ESSP NRK

#26 Linköping City airport in Linköping (Sweden) ESSL LPI

#27 Växjö Kronoberg airport in Växjö (Sweden) ESMX VXO

#28 Skellefteå airport in Skellefteå (Sweden) ESNS SFT

#29 Sundsvall-Härnösand airport in Sundsvall Härnösand (Sweden) ESNN SDL

#30 Kalmar airport in (Sweden) ESMQ KLR

#31 Hagshult Air Base airport in (Sweden) ESMV

#32 Gothenburg City airport in Gothenburg (Sweden) ESGP GSE

#33 Örnsköldsvik airport in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden) ESNO OER

#34 Uppsala airport in (Sweden) ESCM

#35 Kramfors-Sollefteå Höga Kusten airport in Nyland (Sweden) ESNK KRF

#36 Lycksele airport in (Sweden) ESNL LYC

#37 Jokkmokk airport in (Sweden) ESNJ

#38 Arboga airport in (Sweden) ESQO

#39 Gävle Sandviken airport in Gävle Sandviken (Sweden) ESSK GVX

#40 Visby airport in Visby (Sweden) ESSV VBY

#41 Lidkoping airport in Lidköping (Sweden) ESGL LDK

#42 Rada airport in Råda (Sweden) ESFR

#43 Hultsfred airport in (Sweden) ESSF HLF

#44 Ängelholm-Helsingborg airport in Ängelholm (Sweden) ESTA AGH

#45 Eskiltuna airport in Eskilstuna (Sweden) ESSU EKT

#46 Mora airport in Mora (Sweden) ESKM MXX

#47 Skövde airport in Skövde (Sweden) ESGR KVB

#48 Gällivare airport in Gällivare (Sweden) ESNG GEV

#49 Trollhättan-Vänersborg Trollhättan-Vänersborg airport in Trollhättan (Sweden) ESGT THN

#50 Sveg airport in (Sweden) ESND EVG

#51 Stockholm-Bromma airport in Stockholm (Sweden) ESSB BMA

#52 Hemavan airport in Hemavan (Sweden) ESUT HMV

#53 Torsby airport in (Sweden) ESST TYF

#54 Hagfors airport in (Sweden) ESOH HFS

#55 Vilhelmina airport in (Sweden) ESNV VHM

#56 Oskarhamn airport in (Sweden) ESMO OSK

#57 Karlskoga airport in (Sweden) ESKK KSK

#58 Pajala airport in (Sweden) ESUP PJA

#59 Falköping airport in Falköping (Sweden) ESGK

#60 Kalixfors airport in (Sweden) ESUK

#61 Åsele airport in Åsele (Sweden) ESUS

#62 Landskrona airport in Landskrona (Sweden) ESML

#63 Feringe airport in Ljungby (Sweden) ESMG

#64 Arvika airport in Arvika (Sweden) ESKV

#65 Eksjo Ranneslatt airport in Eksjö (Sweden) ESMC

#66 Anderstorp airport in Anderstorp (Sweden) ESMP

#67 Hallviken airport in (Sweden) ESNA

#68 Hedlanda airport in Hede (Sweden) ESNC

#69 Optand airport in (Sweden) ESNM

#70 Pitea airport in Piteå (Sweden) ESNP

#71 Orsa airport in (Sweden) ESNR

#72 Tälje airport in Ånge (Sweden) ESUJ

#73 Stromstad Nasinge airport in Strömstad (Sweden) ESGS

#74 Siljansnas airport in Siljansnäs (Sweden) ESVS

#75 Hässleholm Bokeberg airport in Hässleholm (Sweden) ESFA

#76 Ludvika airport in Ludvika (Sweden) ESSG

#77 BorÃ¥s airport in Borås (Sweden) ESGE

#78 Höganäs airport in Höganäs (Sweden) ESMH

#79 Sjöbo/Sövde airport in Sövdeborg (Sweden) ESMI

#80 Kagerod airport in Kågeröd (Sweden) ESMJ

#81 Smalandsstenar airport in Smålandsstenar (Sweden) ESMY

#82 Visingsö airport in Visingsö (Sweden) ESSI

#83 Fjällbacka Anra airport in Fjällbacka (Sweden) ESTF

#84 Eslov airport in Eslöv (Sweden) ESME

#85 Sunne airport in (Sweden) ESKU

#86 Backamo airport in Uddevalla (Sweden) ESGA

#87 Vellinge airport in Vellinge (Sweden) ESTT

#88 Morup airport in Falkenberg (Sweden) ESGF

#89 Munkfors airport in Munkfors (Sweden) ESKO

#90 Rörkärr airport in Uddevalla (Sweden) ESGU

#91 Borglanda airport in Borglanda (Sweden) ESMB

#92 Möckeln airport in Älmhult (Sweden) ESMU

#93 Ölanda airport in Ölanda (Sweden) ESMZ

#94 Varberg Getterön airfield airport in Varberg (Sweden) ESGV

#95 Fagerhult airport in Fagerhult (Sweden) ESMF

#96 Sandvik airport in Sandvik (Sweden) ESFS

#97 Ålleberg airport in Ålleberg (Sweden) ESGC

#98 Bämmelshed airport in Tidaholm (Sweden) ESGD

#99 Herrljunga airport in Herrljunga (Sweden) ESGH

#100 Alingsås airport in Alingsås (Sweden) ESGI

#101 Öresten airport in Öresten (Sweden) ESGM

#102 Brännebrona airport in Götene (Sweden) ESGN

#103 Vårgårda airport in Vårgårda (Sweden) ESGO

#104 Säffle airport in Säffle (Sweden) ESGY

#105 Gimo Air Base airport in Gimo (Sweden) ESKA

#106 Sundbro airport in (Sweden) ESKC

#107 Dala Järna airport in Dala Järna (Sweden) ESKD

#108 Gryttjom airport in Gryttjom (Sweden) ESKG

#109 Ekshärad airport in Ekshärad (Sweden) ESKH

#110 Scandinavian Mountains airport in Sälen and Trysil (Sweden) ESKS SCR

#111 Sollefteå airport in Sollefteå (Sweden) ESNB

#112 Överkalix airport in Överkalix (Sweden) ESNE

#113 Lemstanas airport in Storvik (Sweden) ESOL

#114 Ekeby airport in Eskilstuna (Sweden) ESSC

#115 Skå-Edeby airport in Stockholm (Sweden) ESSE

#116 Laxå airport in Laxå (Sweden) ESSH

#117 Brattforshede airport in Lindfors (Sweden) ESSM

#118 Norrtälje airport in Norrtälje (Sweden) ESSN

#119 Västervik airport in Västervik (Sweden) ESSW VVK

#120 Johannisberg airport in Västerås (Sweden) ESSX

#121 Vängsö airport in Vängsö (Sweden) ESSZ

#122 Arbrå airport in ArbrÃ¥ (Sweden) ESUB

#123 Idre airport in Idre (Sweden) ESUE IDB

#124 Gargnäs airport in Gargnäs (Sweden) ESUG

#125 Myran airport in Härnösand (Sweden) ESUH

#126 Mellansel airport in Mellansel (Sweden) ESUI

#127 Ljusdal airport in Ljusdal (Sweden) ESUL

#128 Mohed airport in Mohed (Sweden) ESUM

#129 Graftavallen airport in Graftavallen (Sweden) ESUO

#130 Ramsele airport in Sollefteå (Sweden) ESUR

#131 Älvsbyn airport in Älvsbyn (Sweden) ESUV

#132 Edsby airport in Edsbyn (Sweden) ESUY

#133 Avesta airport in Avesta (Sweden) ESVA

#134 Bunge Private airport in Bunge (Sweden) ESVB

#135 Gagnef airport in Djurås (Sweden) ESVG

#136 Hällefors airport in Hällefors (Sweden) ESVH

#137 Katrineholm airport in Katrineholm (Sweden) ESVK

#138 Skinnlanda airport in Malung (Sweden) ESVM

#139 Köping airport in Köping (Sweden) ESVQ

#140 Trosa Troslanda airfield airport in (Sweden) SE-0001

#141 Stegeborg airport in (Sweden) SE-0002

#142 Bollnäs airport in Bollnäs (Sweden) SE-0003

#143 Norberg airport in (Sweden) SE-0004

#144 Åre / Molanda airport in (Sweden) SE-0005

#145 Alvesta Smålanda airport in Alvesta (Sweden) SE-0006

#146 Staffanstorp Bjällerup Field airport in (Sweden) SE-0007

#147 Kattleberg airport in (Sweden) SE-0008

#148 Flygfältet Långtora airport in (Sweden) SE-0009

#149 Vallentuna flygfält airport in (Sweden) SE-0010

#150 Majfält-Ovansjö airport in (Sweden) SE-0013

#151 Ålåsen airport in Ålåsen (Sweden) SE-0014

#152 Orrlanda Flygfält airport in (Sweden) SE-0015

#153 Nyholm Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0016

#154 Frostlanda airport in Gäddede (Sweden) SE-0017

#155 Frölunda airport in (Sweden) SE-0018

#156 Bänkås Hoppfält airport in Sundsvall (Sweden) SE-0020

#157 Finnskoga/Backa airport in Backa (Sweden) SE-0021

#158 Vassunda Private airport in Vassunda (Sweden) SE-0022

#159 Baggböle Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0023

#160 Älvdalens flygklubb airport in Älvdalen (Sweden) SE-0024

#161 Flykälen airport in Flykälen (Sweden) SE-0025

#162 Finspångs flygfält airport in (Sweden) SE-0026

#163 Flygebyns hoppövningsfält airport in (Sweden) SE-0027

#164 Charlottenberg Airstrip airport in Charlottenberg (Sweden) SE-0028

#165 Dorotea airport in Dorotea (Sweden) SE-0029

#166 Finlanda airport in Rossön (Sweden) SE-0030

#167 Kolåsens flygfält airport in Kolåsen (Sweden) SE-0031

#168 Porjus flygfält airport in Porjus (Sweden) SE-0032

#169 Överlanda airport in Överlanda (Sweden) SE-0035

#170 Tjautjasjaure Airstrip airport in Tjautjas (Sweden) SE-0039

#171 Kokhedsfältet Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0040

#172 Pålsträsket Airstrip airport in Pålsträsk (Sweden) SE-0042

#173 Vuollerim Airstrip airport in Vuollerim (Sweden) SE-0044

#174 Sala flygfält airport in Sala (Sweden) SE-0045

#175 Gimo gräsfält airport in Gimo (Sweden) SE-0046

#176 Åviken Fly Camp airport in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden) SE-0047

#177 Duvhed flygfält UL airport in (Sweden) SE-0048

#178 Timmele airport in Timmele (Sweden) SE-0049

#179 Degerfors Grenlanda airport in Degerfors (Sweden) SE-0051

#180 Bergs Airstrip airport in Berg (Sweden) SE-0052

#181 Hornlanda airport in (Sweden) SE-0055

#182 Stöde / Prästbordet flygfält airport in Sundsvall (Sweden) SE-0056

#183 Lindholmen flygfält airport in Lindholmen (Sweden) SE-0057

#184 Kronobergshed airport in (Sweden) SE-0058

#185 Ödestugu Glider Field airport in (Sweden) SE-0059

#186 Kvarnhem Flygfält airport in (Sweden) SE-0060

#187 Åkersberga airport in Åkersberga (Sweden) SE-0061

#188 Hellby Säteri Private Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0062

#189 Hedemora Flygfält airport in (Sweden) SE-0063

#190 Nyby Private Airstrip airport in Nyby (Sweden) SE-0064

#191 Stockholm - Hova airport in (Sweden) SE-0065

#192 Motala flygklubb airport in Skärstad (Sweden) SE-0066

#193 Örnlanda Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0067

#194 Skeppsdal Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0069

#195 Sticksjö Private Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0070

#196 Bergby Airstrip airport in Bergby (Norrtälje) (Sweden) SE-0071

#197 Bleckåsen Airstirp airport in (Sweden) SE-0072

#198 Väster Private Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0073

#199 Muskö Airstrip airport in Muskö (Sweden) SE-0074

#200 Ragglanda airport in Huskvarna (Sweden) SE-0076

#201 Tallåsen Airstrip airport in (Sweden) SE-0080

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