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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in Togo.

#1 Lomé-Tokoin airport at Lomé (Togo) DXXX LFW

aéroport Lomé-Tokoin

Altitude : 22 m = 72ft

Lomé-Tokoin airport is located close to Lomé, Station Météo at 0.6 km, Lome at 5.6 km, Kloutsé Kopé at 18 km, Tsevie at 29 km, Vogan at 36 km, Keta at 40 km,

The longest runway measure : 3001 m = 9846ft

-> Aviation weather for Lomé-Tokoin airport

#2 Niamtougou International airport at Niamtougou (Togo) DXNG LRL

aéroport Niamtougou International

Altitude : 462 m = 1516ft

Niamtougou International airport is located close to Niamtougou, Kouka at 1 km, Niamtougou at 1.5 km, Kara at 22 km, Kande at 22 km, Pagouda at 26 km, Kara at 26 km,

The longest runway measure : 2500 m = 8202ft

-> Aviation weather for Niamtougou International airport

#3 Atakpame Akpaka airport at Atakpamé (Togo) DXAK

aéroport Atakpame Akpaka

Altitude : 210 m = 689ft

Atakpame Akpaka airport is located close to Atakpamé, Atakpamé at 6.1 km, Bassé Adjido at 26 km, Amlame at 27 km, Badou at 57 km, Notse at 71 km, Hohoe at 86 km,

-> Aviation weather for Atakpame Akpaka airport

#4 Djangou airport at Dapaong (Togo) DXDP

aéroport Djangou

Altitude : 270 m = 886ft

Djangou airport is located close to Dapaong, Dapaong at 8.1 km, Yunyo at 44 km, Sansanne-Mango at 55 km, Bawku at 60 km, Nawari at 65 km, Pama at 71 km,

-> Aviation weather for Djangou airport

#5 Kolokope airport at Anié (Togo) DXKP

aéroport Kolokope

Altitude : 180 m = 591ft

Kolokope airport is located close to Anié, Atakpamé at 34 km, Bassé Adjido at 55 km, Amlame at 56 km, Savalou at 78 km, Badou at 79 km, Sotouboua at 91 km,

-> Aviation weather for Kolokope airport

#6 Sansanne Mango airport at Mango (Togo) DXMG

aéroport Sansanne Mango

Altitude : 140 m = 459ft

Sansanne Mango airport is located close to Mango, Sansanne-Mango at 1.5 km, Nawari at 28 km, Yunyo at 52 km, Dapaong at 62 km, Kande at 78 km, Tanguieta at 91 km,

-> Aviation weather for Sansanne Mango airport

#7 Sokodé airport at Sokodé (Togo) DXSK

aéroport Sokodé

Altitude : 370 m = 1214ft

Sokodé airport is located close to Sokodé, Sokode at 2.5 km, Tchamba at 29 km, Bafilo at 41 km, Bouvolem at 45 km, Bassar at 50 km, Sotouboua at 51 km,

-> Aviation weather for Sokodé airport

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