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Garissa airport at Garissa (Kenya)

Garissa airport is located near Garissa, with Garissa at 1mi, Mwingi at 114mi, Maua at 127mi, Kitui at 129mi, Nginda at 132mi, Chuka at 139mi, Meru at 142mi, Witu at 144mi, Embu at 152mi, Lamu at 152mi, Isiolo at 154mi, Kipini at 155mi,

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Hotels in Garissa airport


aerial view of Garissa airport

Airport code

Elevation : 145 m = 476ft

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Where to go from Garissa airport HKGA GAS

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weather : overcast at Garissa

ciel couvert
75 ↗ 93°F

wind 14mph
gusting to 28mph

high heat alert with 93°F at Garissa

Sunday : high heat alert with 93°F at Garissa

Aviation weather for Garissa airport HKGA GAS

METAR for Garissa airport HKGA GAS

HKGA 141800Z 16008KT SKC 31/20 Q1011

Decoded METAR for Garissa airport HKGA GAS

METAR issued by HKGA on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 18:00 UTC, Warning : this METAR is out of date, issued 11 days and 269 hours and -15798 minutes ago.

visibility is = .

The temperature is 31°C = 88°F, dew point is 20°C = 68°F . This correspond to 52% relative humidity.

QNH is 1011hPa = 29.85inHg

Wind 15km/h = 8kt, direction is 160°.

Sky clear.

No TAF for Garissa airport

but aviation weather is available at Malindi airport (HKML) at 194mi

NOTAM for Garissa airport


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