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Torino-Aeritalia airport at Torino (Italy)

Torino-Aeritalia airport is located near Torino, with Collegno at 2mi, Grugliasco at 2mi, Ceronda at 2mi, San Paolo at 3mi, Venaria Reale at 3mi, Pianezza at 3mi, Druento at 4mi, Alpignano at 4mi, Rivoli at 4mi, Torino (turin) at 4mi, Lingotto at 4mi, Beinasco at 4mi,

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Hotels in Torino-Aeritalia airport


aerial view of Torino-Aeritalia airport

Airport code

Elevation : 287 m = 942ft

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weather : light intensity drizzle at Collegno

faible bruine
45 ↗ 55°F

wind 14mph

Aviation weather for Torino-Aeritalia airport LIMA

METAR for Torino-Aeritalia airport LIMA

LIMA 031150Z 05010KT 010V090 6000 +RA OVC003 08/08 Q1004

Decoded METAR for Torino-Aeritalia airport LIMA

METAR issued by LIMA on Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 11:50 UTC, Warning : this METAR is out of date, issued 1 days and 33 hours and -1432 minutes ago.

visibility is 6km = 4mi.

The temperature is 8°C = 46°F, dew point is 8°C = 46°F . This correspond to 100% relative humidity.

QNH is 1004hPa = 29.65inHg

Wind 19km/h = 10kt, direction is 50°.

Clouds : overcast at 300ft = 90m.

heavy rain

No TAF for Torino-Aeritalia airport

but aviation weather is available at Turin airport (LIMF) at 8mi

NOTAM for Torino-Aeritalia airport


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