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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in Azerbaijan.

#1 Agdam airport at Agdam (Azerbaijan) AZ-0012defunct airport

aéroport Agdam

Altitude : 294 m = 965ft

Agdam airport is located close to Agdam, Aghdam Rayon at 2.7 km, Agdam at 6.4 km, Askyaran at 15 km, Xocali at 19 km, Novyy Karanlug at 22 km, Xankəndi Şəhəri at 25 km,

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#2 Göyçay airport at (Azerbaijan) AZ-0007defunct airport

aéroport Göyçay

Altitude : 77 m = 253ft

Göyçay airport is located close to Geoktschai at 3.8 km, Goychay Rayon at 7.4 km, Ujar at 15 km, Ujar Rayon at 23 km, Agdas at 24 km, Qabala Rayon at 33 km,

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#3 Pushkino East Air Base airport at Bilasuvar (Azerbaijan) AZ-0020defunct airport

aéroport Pushkino East Air Base

Altitude : -23 m = -75ft

Pushkino East Air Base airport is located close to Bilasuvar, Pushkino at 14 km, Bilasuvar Rayon at 24 km, Salyan at 26 km, Salyan Rayon at 31 km, Neftchala Rayon at 33 km, Jalilabad Rayon at 34 km,

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#4 Agdash airport at Agdash (Azerbaijan) AZ-0006defunct airport

aéroport Agdash

Altitude : 61 m = 200ft

Agdash airport is located close to Agdash, Agdas at 3.6 km, Aghdash Rayon at 12 km, Geoktschai at 19 km, Ujar at 20 km, Goychay Rayon at 28 km, Yevlakh City at 31 km,

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