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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Azerbaijan.

#1 Nakhchivan airport at Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) UBBN NAJ

aéroport Nakhchivan

Altitude : 873 m = 2864ft

Nakhchivan airport is located close to Nakhchivan, Shekyarabad at 1.9 km, Nakhchivan at 4.6 km, Sahbuz at 26 km, Culfa at 30 km, Qarah Zia od Din at 50 km, Zarritap at 50 km,

The longest runway measure : 3300 m = 10827ft

-> Aviation weather for Nakhchivan airport

#2 Stepanakert airport at Stepanakert (Azerbaijan) UB13

aéroport Stepanakert

Altitude : 610 m = 2001ft

Stepanakert airport is located close to Stepanakert, Xocali at 1.3 km, Askyaran at 5.5 km, Xocalı Rayonu at 8.2 km, Xankəndi Şəhəri at 9.5 km, Xankəndi at 9.8 km, Agdam at 16 km,

-> Aviation weather for Stepanakert airport

#3 Zaqatala International airport at Zaqatala (Azerbaijan) UBBY ZTU

aéroport Zaqatala International

Altitude : 390 m = 1280ft

Zaqatala International airport is located close to Zaqatala, Zaqatala Rayon at 2.3 km, Zaqatala at 8.2 km, Aliabad at 9.3 km, Cinarli at 23 km, Qakh Rayon at 26 km, Qax at 26 km,

-> Aviation weather for Zaqatala International airport

#4 Fuzuli International airport at Fuzuli (Azerbaijan) FZL AZ-0011

aéroport Fuzuli International

Altitude : 380 m = 1247ft

Fuzuli International airport is located close to Fuzuli, Fizuli Rayon at 12 km, Hadrut at 16 km, Xocavənd Rayonu at 19 km, Horadiz at 20 km, Qirmizi Bazar at 23 km, Novyy Karanlug at 24 km,

-> Aviation weather for Fuzuli International airport

#5 Dollyar Air Base airport at Dollyar (Azerbaijan) UG11

aéroport Dollyar Air Base

Altitude : 335 m = 1099ft

Dollyar Air Base airport is located close to Dollyar, Dzagam at 6.3 km, Dolyar at 7.1 km, Shamkhor at 8.3 km, Shamkir Rayon at 12 km, Tovuz Rayon at 21 km, Tovuz at 30 km,

-> Aviation weather for Dollyar Air Base airport

#6 Shaki airport at Shaki (Azerbaijan) AZ-0003

aéroport Shaki

Altitude : 331 m = 1086ft

Shaki airport is located close to Shaki, Şəki Şəhəri at 5.2 km, Shaki Rayon at 6 km, Sheki at 6.2 km, Bas Goynuk at 21 km, Oguz at 26 km, Qax at 37 km,

-> Aviation weather for Shaki airport

#7 Akstafa airport at Akstafa (Azerbaijan) UBBA

aéroport Akstafa

Altitude : 331 m = 1086ft

Akstafa airport is located close to Akstafa, Aghstafa at 2.5 km, Vurgun at 5 km, Qazax at 5.9 km, Aghstafa Rayon at 16 km, Parravakar at 16 km, Aygehovit at 22 km,

-> Aviation weather for Akstafa airport

#8 Ganja airport at Ganja (Azerbaijan) UBBG KVD

aéroport Ganja

Altitude : 330 m = 1083ft

Ganja airport is located close to Ganja, Nadil at 2.5 km, Qarayeri at 5.7 km, Ganja at 7.1 km, Ganja City at 10 km, Xanlar at 17 km, Samukh Rayon at 22 km,

The longest runway measure : 2505 m = 8219ft

-> Aviation weather for Ganja airport

#9 Gabala International airport at Gabala (Azerbaijan) UBBQ GBB

aéroport Gabala International

Altitude : 285 m = 935ft

Gabala International airport is located close to Gabala, Qabala Rayon at 14 km, Geoktschai at 19 km, Qutqashen at 21 km, Agdas at 28 km, Goychay Rayon at 29 km, Oghuz Rayon at 34 km,

-> Aviation weather for Gabala International airport

#10 Balakan airport at Balakan (Azerbaijan) UB16

aéroport Balakan

Altitude : 285 m = 935ft

Balakan airport is located close to Balakan, Belokany at 4.4 km, Balakan Rayon at 5.4 km, Qabaqcol at 7.7 km, Lagodekhi at 12 km, Zaqatala at 26 km, Aliabad at 36 km,

The longest runway measure : 1209 m = 3967ft

-> Aviation weather for Balakan airport

#11 Naftalan airport at Naftalan (Azerbaijan) AZ-0004

#12 Tanrykulular airport at (Azerbaijan) AZ-0005

#13 Baku Lökbatan airport at Lökbatan (Azerbaijan) AZ-0014

#14 Agjabedi airport at Agjabedi (Azerbaijan) AZ-0010

#15 Khachmaz airport at Khachmaz (Azerbaijan) AZ-0002

#16 Yevlakh airport at Yevlakh (Azerbaijan) UBEE YLV

#17 Baku Kala Air Base airport at Baku (Azerbaijan) UB18

#18 Bygyr airport at (Azerbaijan) AZ-0008

#19 Zabrat airport at Baku (Azerbaijan) ZXT AZ-0001

#20 Lankaran International airport at Lankaran (Azerbaijan) UBBL LLK

#21 Heydar Aliyev International airport at Baku (Azerbaijan) UBBB GYD

#22 Nasosnaya Air Base airport at Nasosnaya (Azerbaijan) UB12

#23 Kyurdamir Air Base airport at Kyurdamir (Azerbaijan) UB14

#24 Mollakend airport at Mollakend (Azerbaijan) AZ-0009

#25 Qarachala airport at Chadirli (Azerbaijan) AZ-0018

#26 Sangachaly Air Base airport at Sangachal (Azerbaijan) AZ-0015

#27 Sitalchay Airbase airport at Sitalchay (Azerbaijan) AZ-0013

#28 Hajigabul Kazı Magomed airport at Hajigabul (Azerbaijan) AZ-0017

#29 Pirsagat airport at Pirsaat (Azerbaijan) AZ-0016

#30 Salyan Air Base airport at Salyan (Azerbaijan) AZ-0019

#31 Qizilagach Air Base airport at Qizilagach (Azerbaijan) AZ-0021

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