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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in Switzerland.

#1 San Vittore airport at (Switzerland) LSXVaéroport fermé

aéroport San Vittore

Altitude : 265 m = 869ft

San Vittore airport is located close to Lumino at 1.9 km, Tagliada at 3.8 km, Arbedo-Castione at 3.9 km, Roveredo at 5.2 km, Leggia at 6.4 km, Claro at 6.4 km,

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#2 Porrentruy airport at Porrentruy (Switzerland) LSZYaéroport fermé

aéroport Porrentruy

Altitude : 435 m = 1427ft

Porrentruy airport is located close to Porrentruy, Courtedoux at 0.9 km, Porrentruy at 1.8 km, Fontenais at 2.4 km, Chevenez at 4.4 km, Bure at 5.1 km, Courtemaîche at 5.2 km,

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#3 LOCARNO/ASCONA airport at (Switzerland) LSZDaéroport fermé


Altitude : 600 m = 1969ft

LOCARNO/ASCONA airport is located close to Crèves at 5 km, Malesco at 5 km, Santa Maria Maggiore at 5 km, Druogno at 5.6 km, Craveggia at 5.9 km, Toceno at 6.1 km,

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#4 Interlaken Air Base airport at (Switzerland) LSMIaéroport fermé

aéroport Interlaken Air Base

Altitude : 576 m = 1890ft

Interlaken Air Base airport is located close to Matten at 0.8 km, Interlaken at 1.3 km, Goldswil at 2.2 km, Unterseen at 2.6 km, Ringgenberg at 3 km, Verwaltungskreis Interlaken-Oberhasli at 3.4 km,

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#5 Flugplatz Hasenstrick airport at (Switzerland) LSPKaéroport fermé

aéroport Flugplatz Hasenstrick

Altitude : 756 m = 2480ft

Flugplatz Hasenstrick airport is located close to Ober-Orn at 1.1 km, Unter-Fägswil at 1.7 km, Pilgerhof at 1.9 km, Hadlikon at 2 km, Dürnten at 2.2 km, Wald at 2.5 km,

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#6 Ulrichen Air Base airport at Obergoms (Switzerland) CH-0007aéroport fermé

aéroport Ulrichen Air Base

Altitude : 1344 m = 4409ft

Ulrichen Air Base airport is located close to Obergoms, Ulrichen at 0.6 km, Geschinen at 1.7 km, Münster-Geschinen at 2.2 km, Obergesteln at 2.4 km, Oberwald at 5.2 km, Obergoms at 6.5 km,

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#7 Turtman Air Base airport at Turtman (Switzerland) LSMJaéroport fermé

aéroport Turtman Air Base

Altitude : 624 m = 2047ft

Turtman Air Base airport is located close to Turtman, Turtmann at 0.9 km, Niedergampel at 1.1 km, Bratsch at 2.1 km, Unterems at 2.2 km, Gampel at 2.6 km, Erschmatt at 2.7 km,

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