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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in Switzerland.

#1 Geneva Cointrin International airport (Genève Cointrin) at Geneva (Switzerland) LSGG GVA

aéroport Geneva Cointrin International

Altitude : 430 m = 1411ft

Geneva Cointrin International airport is located close to Geneva, Cointrin at 0.9 km, Les Avanchets at 1.8 km, Le Grand-Saconnex at 1.9 km, Pregny-Chambésy at 1.9 km, Ferney-Voltaire at 2.3 km, Pregny at 2.4 km,

The longest runway measure : 3900 m = 12795ft

-> Aviation weather for Geneva Cointrin International airport

#2 Zürich airport at Zürich (Switzerland) LSZH ZRH

aéroport Zürich

Altitude : 432 m = 1417ft

Zürich airport is located close to Zürich, Kloten at 0.9 km, Hagenbuechen at 1.4 km, Ruemlang / Ruemlang at 2.1 km, Rumlang at 2.1 km, Kloten / Freienberg (Chanzler-Chlini Chaseren) at 2.4 km, Winkel at 2.5 km,

The longest runway measure : 3700 m = 12139ft

-> Aviation weather for Zürich airport

#3 Payerne Air Base airport at (Switzerland) LSMP

aéroport Payerne Air Base

Altitude : 447 m = 1467ft

Payerne Air Base airport is located close to Morens at 0.6 km, Morens (FR) at 0.9 km, Payerne at 2.8 km, Cugy at 4.4 km, Chevroux at 5.1 km, Estavayer-le-Lac at 5.3 km,

The longest runway measure : 2858 m = 9377ft

-> Aviation weather for Payerne Air Base airport

#4 Emmen Air Base airport at (Switzerland) LSME EML

aéroport Emmen Air Base

Altitude : 427 m = 1401ft

Emmen Air Base airport is located close to Emmen at 1.2 km, Amt Luzern at 2.9 km, Ebikon at 3 km, Buchrain at 3.2 km, Gerliswil at 3.3 km, Eschenbach at 3.7 km,

The longest runway measure : 2502 m = 8209ft

-> Aviation weather for Emmen Air Base airport

#5 Dübendorf Air Base airport at Zurich (Switzerland) LSMD

aéroport Dübendorf Air Base

Altitude : 448 m = 1470ft

Dübendorf Air Base airport is located close to Zurich, Wangen at 1.5 km, Duebendorf / Kunklerstrasse at 1.6 km, Schwerzenbach / Chimli at 1.6 km, Wangen-Brüttisellen at 1.6 km, Dübendorf / Sonnenberg at 1.7 km, Schwerzenbach / Blatten at 1.7 km,

The longest runway measure : 2355 m = 7726ft

-> Aviation weather for Dübendorf Air Base airport

#6 Saint Stephan airport at (Switzerland) LSTS

aéroport Saint Stephan

Altitude : 1007 m = 3304ft

Saint Stephan airport is located close to Matten at 0.6 km, St. Stephan at 1.2 km, Sankt Stephan at 2.1 km, Amt Obersimmental at 4 km, Bettelried at 4.6 km, Lenk at 4.9 km,

The longest runway measure : 2050 m = 6726ft

-> Aviation weather for Saint Stephan airport

#7 Meiringen airport at (Switzerland) LSMM

aéroport Meiringen

Altitude : 578 m = 1896ft

Meiringen airport is located close to Unterbach at 0.7 km, Brienzwiler at 1.1 km, Meiringen at 3.3 km, Brienz at 5.6 km, Willigen at 5.7 km, Lungern at 6.5 km,

The longest runway measure : 2003 m = 6572ft

-> Aviation weather for Meiringen airport

#8 Sion airport at Sion (Switzerland) LSGS SIR

aéroport Sion

Altitude : 483 m = 1585ft

Sion airport is located close to Sion, Châteauneuf at 0.5 km, Sion at 2.7 km, Veysonnaz at 2.8 km, Basse-Nendaz at 3.5 km, Saviese at 3.8 km, Saint-Germain at 3.9 km,

The longest runway measure : 2000 m = 6562ft

-> Aviation weather for Sion airport

#9 Buochs airport at Buochs (Switzerland) LSZC BXO

aéroport Buochs

Altitude : 450 m = 1476ft

Buochs airport is located close to Buochs, Buochs at 1.8 km, Nidwalden at 2.7 km, Stans at 3.1 km, Kanton Nidwalden at 3.1 km, Stansstad at 4.7 km, Ennetburgen at 4.9 km,

The longest runway measure : 2000 m = 6562ft

-> Aviation weather for Buochs airport

#10 Ambri airport at Quinto (Switzerland) LSPM

aéroport Ambri

Altitude : 988 m = 3241ft

Ambri airport is located close to Quinto, Distretto di Leventina at 7 km, Faido at 9.4 km, Croce at 10 km, Campello at 10 km, Chiggiogna at 11 km, Andermatt at 13 km,

The longest runway measure : 1990 m = 6529ft

-> Aviation weather for Ambri airport

#11 Mollis airport at Mollis (Switzerland) LSZM

#12 Samedan airport at (Switzerland) LSZS SMV

#13 Bern Belp airport at Bern (Switzerland) LSZB BRN

#14 Alpnach Air Base airport at Alpnach (Switzerland) LSMA

#15 Saint Gallen Altenrhein airport at Altenrhein (Switzerland) LSZR ACH

#16 Mollis airport at (Switzerland) LSMF

#17 Saanen airport at Saanen (Switzerland) LSGK

#18 Lugano airport at Lugano (Switzerland) LSZA LUG

#19 Les Eplatures airport at La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) LSGC

#20 Grenchen airport at Grenchen (Switzerland) LSZG ZHI

#21 Raron airport at Raron (Switzerland) LSTA

#22 Kagiswil airport at (Switzerland) LSPG

#23 Reichenbach airport at (Switzerland) LSGR

#24 Lausanne-Blécherette airport at Lausanne (Switzerland) LSGL

#25 Yverdon-les-Bains airport at Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) LSGY

#26 Gruyeres airport at (Switzerland) LSGT

#27 Thun airport at Thun (Switzerland) LSZW

#28 Ecuvillens airport at (Switzerland) LSGE

#29 Bressaucourt airport at Bressaucourt (Switzerland) LSZQ

#30 Locarno airport at Locarno (Switzerland) LSZL ZJI

#31 Amlikon Glider airport at (Switzerland) LSPA

#32 Dittingen airport at (Switzerland) LSPD

#33 Hausen am Albis airport at (Switzerland) LSZN

#34 Bex airport at Bex (Switzerland) LSGB

#35 Neuchatel airport at (Switzerland) LSGN QNC

#36 Winterthur airport at Winterthur (Switzerland) LSPH

#37 Birrfeld airport at (Switzerland) LSZF

#38 Buttwil airport at (Switzerland) LSZU

#39 Lommis airport at Lommis (Switzerland) LSZT

#40 Montricher airport at (Switzerland) LSTR

#41 Speck airport at (Switzerland) LSZK

#42 Triengen airport at (Switzerland) LSPN

#43 Biel-Kappelen airport at (Switzerland) LSZP

#44 Motiers airport at (Switzerland) LSTO

#45 La Cốte airport at La Cốte (Switzerland) LSGP

#46 Schaffhausen airport at (Switzerland) LSPF

#47 Flugplatz Fricktal-Schupfart airport at Schupfart (Switzerland) LSZI

#48 Schanis airport at (Switzerland) LSZX

#49 Luzern-Beromunster airport at Lucerne (Switzerland) LSZO

#50 Courtelary airport at (Switzerland) LSZJ

#51 Wangen-Lachen airport at (Switzerland) LSPV

#52 Bad Ragaz airport at (Switzerland) LSZE

#53 Langenthal airport at (Switzerland) LSPL

#54 Bellechasse airport at (Switzerland) LSTB

#55 Sitterdorf airport at (Switzerland) LSZV

#56 Olten airport at (Switzerland) LSPO

#57 Muenster Aero airport at (Switzerland) LSPU

#58 Lodrino Air Base airport at Lodrino (Switzerland) LSML

#59 Zweisimmen airport at (Switzerland) LSTZ

#60 Clariden-Hüfifirn airport at Plateau nördlich Planurahütte (Switzerland) LSVD LSVD

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