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#1 Yuma TARS Site balloonport at Yuma (USA) US-2464

aéroport Yuma TARS Site

Altitude : 302 m = 991ft

Yuma TARS Site balloonport is located close to Yuma, Wellton at 39 km, Fortuna Foothills at 43 km, Yuma at 48 km, Desert Royal Mobile Park at 52 km, Yuma County at 53 km, Los Algodones at 58 km,

-> Aviation weather for Yuma TARS Site airport

#2 Niseko Balloonport balloonport at Niseko (Japan) JP-3097

aéroport Niseko Balloonport

Altitude : 416 m = 1365ft

Niseko Balloonport balloonport is located close to Niseko, Niseko Town at 8 km, Kutchan at 9.9 km, Makkari at 16 km, Iwanai at 18 km, Kyōgoku at 20 km, Rusutsu at 23 km,

-> Aviation weather for Niseko Balloonport airport

#3 Fort Huachuca TARS Site balloonport at Fort Huachuca (USA) US-2456

aéroport Fort Huachuca TARS Site

Altitude : 1485 m = 4872ft

Fort Huachuca TARS Site balloonport is located close to Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista at 7.7 km, Sierra Vista Southeast at 8.4 km, Miles Manor at 9.1 km, Black Bear Spring at 11 km, Huachuca City at 16 km, Whetstone at 24 km,

-> Aviation weather for Fort Huachuca TARS Site airport

#4 High River Balloonport balloonport at High River (Canada) CA-0787

aéroport High River Balloonport

Altitude : 1033 m = 3389ft

High River Balloonport balloonport is located close to High River, High River at 0.9 km, Cayley at 16 km, Okotoks at 17 km, Blackie at 18 km, Nanton at 28 km, Black Diamond at 28 km,

-> Aviation weather for High River Balloonport airport

#5 Köln-Sülz Balloonport balloonport at Köln (Cologne) (Germany) DE-0448

aéroport Köln-Sülz Balloonport

Altitude : 54 m = 177ft

Köln-Sülz Balloonport balloonport is located close to Köln (Cologne), Kriel at 0.5 km, Koeln-Lindenthal at 1.8 km, Sülz at 1.9 km, Lindenthal at 2 km, Braunsfeld at 2.6 km, Koeln-Ehrenfeld at 4 km,

-> Aviation weather for Köln-Sülz Balloonport airport

#6 Balloonport of Greensboro Balloonport balloonport at Greensboro (USA) 28NC

aéroport Balloonport of Greensboro Balloonport

Altitude : 244 m = 801ft

Balloonport of Greensboro Balloonport balloonport is located close to Greensboro, Pleasant Garden at 5.1 km, Forest Oaks at 11 km, Jamestown at 11 km, Guilford County at 12 km, Greensboro at 13 km, Archdale at 15 km,

-> Aviation weather for Balloonport of Greensboro Balloonport airport

#7 Balloon Port At Dingley Dell balloonport at Brimfield (USA) MA26

aéroport Balloon Port At Dingley Dell

Altitude : 142 m = 466ft

Balloon Port At Dingley Dell balloonport is located close to Brimfield, Brimfield at 4.6 km, Monson Center at 4.7 km, Monson at 5.5 km, Wales at 6.3 km, Palmer at 7.3 km, Holland at 10 km,

-> Aviation weather for Balloon Port At Dingley Dell airport

#8 Barrys Folly Nr 12 balloonport at Pottstown (USA) 3PN8defunct airport

aéroport Barrys Folly Nr 12

Altitude : 194 m = 636ft

Barrys Folly Nr 12 balloonport is located close to Pottstown, Exton at 11 km, Downingtown at 12 km, Elverson at 13 km, Kenilworth at 14 km, Thorndale at 14 km, Spring City at 14 km,

-> Aviation weather for Barrys Folly Nr 12 airport

#9 P & A Deptford balloonport at Deptford (USA) NJ34

aéroport P & A Deptford

Altitude : 9 m = 30ft

P & A Deptford balloonport is located close to Deptford, Glendora at 1.6 km, Runnemede at 2.2 km, Bellmawr at 2.6 km, Mount Ephraim at 3.8 km, Barrington at 3.8 km, Haddon Heights at 4.3 km,

-> Aviation weather for P & A Deptford airport

#10 Murphy's Landing Balloonport balloonport at Bethlehem (USA) US-0934

aéroport Murphy's Landing Balloonport

Altitude : 320 m = 1050ft

Murphy's Landing Balloonport balloonport is located close to Bethlehem, Bethlehem Village at 3.2 km, Watertown at 9 km, Litchfield at 9 km, Thomaston at 9.7 km, Plymouth at 11 km, Oakville at 12 km,

-> Aviation weather for Murphy's Landing Balloonport airport

#11 El Manantial balloonport at Coronel Brandsen (Argentina) AR-0136

#12 Rio Grande City TARS Site balloonport at Rio Grande City (USA) US-2460

#13 Dambulla Balloonpoprt balloonport at Dambulla (Sri Lanka) LK-0006

#14 Characters in Flight Balloonport balloonport at Lake Buena Vista (USA) US-2641

#15 Anthony balloonport at Anthony (USA) 5KS0

#16 Eagle Pass TARS Site balloonport at Eagle Pass (USA) US-2455

#17 Céroux-Mousty balloonport at Céroux-Mousty (Belgium) BE-0012

#18 Metamora Balloonport balloonport at Metamora (USA) US-6494

#19 Alba Vineyard Balloonport balloonport at Milford (USA) 2JY7

#20 Mabel's balloonport at Frenchtown (USA) JY42

#21 Balloonport Bitterfeld balloonport at Bitterfeld (Germany) DE-0351

#22 Balloon Fiesta Park balloonport at Albuquerque (USA) US-3629

#23 Cyber Density Balloon Spot Balloonport balloonport at Belle Mead (USA) 35JY

#24 Aurora balloonport at South Wales (USA) NY80

#25 Barrys Folly Nr 12 Balloonport balloonport at Pottstown (USA) US-6877

#26 Deming TARS Site balloonport at Deming (USA) US-2461

#27 Cudjoe Key South TARS Site balloonport at Cudjoe Key (USA) US-2457

#28 Cudjoe Key North TARS Site balloonport at Cudjoe Key (USA) US-2459

#29 Suckla Farms Balloonport balloonport at Dacono (USA) CO28

#30 Skyrainbow Balloonport balloonport at Luye (Taiwan) TW-0060

#31 Nevşehir balloonport at Nevşehir (Turkey) TR-0215

#32 Goodyear Blimp Base Airport balloonport at Gardena (USA) 64CL

#33 Murphy's Landing balloonport at South Glastonbury (USA) CT30defunct airport

#34 Flying Horse Farm Balloonport balloonport at Unison (USA) VA60

#35 Palisades Field balloonport at Palisades (USA) 59ID

#36 Wingfoot Lake Airship Operations Balloonport balloonport at Akron Suffield (USA) 4OH6

#37 Great Park Balloon Ride balloonport at Irvine (USA) US-7111

#38 Cérizols balloonport at Cérizols (France) FR-0354

#39 Marfa TARS Site balloonport at Shafter (USA) US-2465

#40 Clinton Elks Lodge Balloonport balloonport at Pittstown (USA) 12JY

#41 Lydiard Park balloonport at (United Kingdom) GB-0682

#42 Keskinen balloonport at Coventry (USA) RI16

#43 Matsushima Balloonport balloonport at Matsushima (Japan) JP-3096

#44 Clark Balloonport balloonport at Mabalacat (Philippines) PH-0493

#45 Aeronut Park Balloonport balloonport at Howell (USA) 13M

#46 Saga International Balloon Fiesta Balloonport balloonport at Saga (Japan) JP-3098

#47 Black Horse Ballooning Club balloonport at Great Missenden, Bucks (United Kingdom) GB-0609

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