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Ice runways worldwide.

#1 McMurdo Station Ice runway at McMurdo Station (Antarctica) NZIR

aéroport McMurdo Station

McMurdo Station Ice runway is located close to McMurdo Station, McMurdo Station at 47 km, Otara at 3473 km, Bluff at 3476 km, Invercargill City at 3489 km, Owaka at 3495 km, Invercargill at 3498 km,

Ice Runway is built on the pack ice to accommodate the planes that serve the United States Antarctic Program during the austral summer. This track is rebuilt at the beginning of each season and used until the beginning of December when the sea ice begins to come off.

The longest runway measure : 3048 m = 10000ft

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#2 Zucchelli Ice runway at Zucchelli Station (Antarctica) AT13

aéroport Zucchelli

Zucchelli Ice runway is located close to Zucchelli Station, McMurdo Station at 348 km, Otara at 3127 km, Bluff at 3129 km, Invercargill City at 3142 km, Owaka at 3151 km, Invercargill at 3151 km,

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#3 Lillehammer Mjøsisen Ice runway at Lillehammer (Norway) NO-0033

aéroport Lillehammer Mjøsisen

Altitude : 122 m = 400ft

Lillehammer Mjøsisen Ice runway is located close to Lillehammer, Lillehammer at 2.6 km, Kroken at 4.6 km, Olestad at 13 km, Segalstad bru at 19 km, Øyer at 19 km, Moelv at 23 km,

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#4 Pirttivuopio Ice runway at (Sweden) SE-0068

aéroport Pirttivuopio

Altitude : 465 m = 1526ft

Pirttivuopio Ice runway is located close to Kiruna Kommun at 35 km, Kiruna at 42 km, Tuolluvaara at 47 km, Abisko at 56 km, Gällivare Kommun at 77 km, Esrange at 79 km,

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#5 Lac William Ice runway at Bernierville (Canada) CA-0534

aéroport Lac William

Altitude : 198 m = 650ft

Lac William Ice runway is located close to Bernierville, Plessisville at 18 km, Thetford-Mines at 21 km, Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine at 24 km, Chesterville at 26 km, Ham-Nord at 26 km, Disraeli at 31 km,

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#6 Vermundsjøen Ice runway at (Norway) NO-0007

aéroport Vermundsjøen

Altitude : 213 m = 699ft

Vermundsjøen Ice runway is located close to Flisa at 22 km, Valer at 30 km, Kirkenaer at 32 km, Torsby Kommun at 44 km, Elverum at 49 km, Sand at 57 km,

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